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It is nearly seven years to the day since SlingBlade encouraged me to put up a forum on my site where we could talk shit to people, and in that time, this place has grown with me as I have gone from some random asshole with a website to a famous asshole with a #1 best selling book and movie.

This message board has been many other things to me over the years: Hilarious, enlightening, encouraging, distracting, frustrating, and above all, entertaining. I am glad it ran for as long as it did, and the community that grew up around it provided much value to many people beyond myself, and for that, I am very thankful.

But all things must eventually end, and for this board, that time is now. As helpful as this place was in it's time, I no longer have the time or desire to put in the effort necessary to maintain it.

That being said, various people who post regularly here have decided to spin their own niche communities off and keep going. I've encouraged them to do this, I think they are all capable of running an online community and I wish them the best of luck. If the subjects of these boards interest you, I encourage you to join and participate, as these will all be intelligent and well-run boards:

A community of hard core strong men, cross-fit and fitness enthusiasts:
A community of sophisticated sports gamblers:
A community of mixed martial arts enthusiasts who can spell and discuss things intelligently:
A community of artists:

Though the message board that I started is shutting down, this does not mean I am retiring or stopping writing or anything like that. Quite the opposite. I am hard at work not only on my next book, Assholes Finish First, but another book that I will announce soon, and I have many other projects that will come to fruition over the next few years.

There are a few simple ways to keep up with me:

-Check every so often
-Subscribe to the email list:
-Follow me on Facebook:
-Follow me on Twitter:

EDIT: Some other people have put together another board they'd like me to link, so I will. I don't know who is organizing it or what it will be like, but feel free to check it out:

EDIT #2:

Just so I don't have to answer this in multiple emails:

-I am not shutting the board down for any reason concerning money, but just so you know, this places costs WAY more every month in bandwidth than it brings in from ad revenue. Like by a factor of 10. The bandwidth and hosting costs aren't incredibly onerous, but they are pretty high and the idea that the message board nets me or anyone money is laughable and reflects a complete lack of understanding of internet economics.

-The content on the board is not disappearing forever. I intend to bring much of it back in other forms and on other places in the future, especially the advice board material. But in the immediate future I am going to focus exclusively on my next books(s). New sites, etc, come a little later.

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